Average content of dry matter: ~18,3%.


  • to nematodes: Ro1,

  • to scab: susceptible,

  • to late blight: very susceptible,

  • to blackleg: susceptible,

  • to rhizoctonia: susceptible.


Very early, productive potato variety for retail fresh purposes. Tubers form of a uniform size, are large, roundly oval with bright yellowish flesh and shallow eyes. This variety is resistant to mechanical bruising, dry rot, but more susceptible to late blight and scab. Adora produces several stems with sparse amount of tubers in one bush, thus it is recommended to plant them more densely and not too deep, as tubers form relatively deep under the ground. This variety is more sensitive to Sencor. Medium wintering period.




Average content of dry matter: ~16.7%.



  • to nematodes: Ro 1, 4, 5,

  • to wart disease: high,

  • to PVYn virus: good,

  • to leaf blight – low,

  • to tuber blight – medium, good,

  • to common scab: good,

  • to viruses – medium,

  • to drought – medium.


COLOMBA is an early ware potato variety and suitable for early harvest. The tubers are attractive for the end consumer since they have attractive bright skin and appealing marketable looks. The plant has high resistance to common scab, therefore the tubers maintain a smooth skin. The main advantage of COLOMBA variety is that it performs well in various climates and is easy to grow. The variety is suitable to grow for all soil types, however, avoid planting in cold soil, since it is slightly susceptible to little potato disorder. Irrigation is advised under dry circumstances but needs to be limited during the second part of the season to stimulate accumulation of dry matter. COLOMBA is early maturing and can be harvested after 75-90 days. Make sure to dry and cool in order for the skin to completely finish, if the potatoes were harvested green or shortly after haulm killing. Sales are usually after two months after harvesting and if stored longer than 3 months’ refrigeration is highly recommended.





Average content of dry matter: ~24%.



  • to nematodes: Ro1, 4,

  • to mechanical damages: very high,

  • to tuber rotting: high,

  • to blackleg: high,

  • to rhizoctonia: high.

Early maturity variety, grown for fresh market purposes. The tubers are round, large, with a rough skin and averagely sized eyes. Perfect commercial looks, resistant to mechanical damages. Skin and flesh are yellowish. Perfectly stores throughout winter. Plants are resistant to nematode Ro1,4, viruses A and Y, virus of leaf roll, blackleg and more than averagely resistant to phytoftorosis. This variety is less demanding for soil and humidity, very resistant to drought, little susceptible to diseases and pests. Plants do not tolerate nitrogen surplus which slows ripening of tubers and weakens storing characteristics. Suitable for germination and have a great taste, fine storing characteristics and long rest period. This variety is suitable for ecological farming. Potatoes produce regular averagely rich yield under different variable weather conditions.




Average content of dry matter: ~19%.



  • to nematodes: Ro1,

  • to scab: high,

  • to mechanical damage: medium, high,

  • to black leg – high,

  • to leaf blight – high,

  • to tuber blight - high.

A second early maturity with good yield of bold parti- coloured red eyed tubers with cream flesh of excellent flavour and texture. Moderate dry matter levels produces some flaking on boiling. 


Very good resistance to common and powdery scab, blight, black leg and potato virus Y. 




Average content of dry matter: ~20%.



  • to nematodes: Ro1, 4,

  • to leaf blight: medium, high,

  • to tuber blight: high, 

  • to scab: high,

  • to mechanical damage: high, very high.

Queen Anne is an early, cooking type B, very homogeneous table variety with a bright skin. A pre is its very high fraction of marketable yield (35/60). Despite maturity class early, it has a good storability. Queen Anne shows very good resistances against PVY, PVYntn, Rhizoctonia, bruising, common scab, internal rust spots, silver scurf and alternaria. Resistant against Ro 1, 4 and potato wart disease race 1. 




Average content of dry substances: ~25%.



  • to nematodes: Ro1, 

  • to wart disease: Race 1,

  • to common scab: good,

  • to leaf blight: good,

  • to tuber blight: good, very good,

  • to metribuzin: very susceptible.

EL MUNDO variety is excellent for fresh consumption as well as washing and packaging potato retail market. It is firm cooking and has a very high yield. Because of the high resistance to Phytophthora EL MUNDO is preferred by many farmers and also suitable for organic production. This variety is favored in North Africa and the Mediterranean countries thus it is a good choice for export. There is a large number of good sized tubers per plant with a very high yield. The foliage growls well with strong stems. Thus, it is recommended to moderately fertilize with nitrogen. However, avoid using organic manure with this variety.​




Average content of dry substances: ~20%.



  • to nematodes: Ro1-5,

  • to Y virus: very high,

  • to tuber blight: medium,

  • to blackleg: high,

  • to scab: high,

  • to mechanical damage: high.

Medium early variety of potatoes, grown for fresh market, processing to French fries. Very nice, uniform long oval tubers, smooth red skin, having a perfect commercial appearance. Deep yellow flesh color.  Laura has medium demands to the soil and water supply. Soils with extreme high  pressure of spraing should be avoided. Laura is growing very nice red skinned medium to large sized tubers with excellent culinary quality. Seed tuber treatment for control for Rhizoctonia solani generally is recommended. Highly resistant to droughts. Long dormancy.




Average content of dry substances: ~22%.



  • to nematodes: Ro1, 

  • to Y virus: average, 

  • to Phytophthora root: susceptible,

  • to blackleg: high, 

  • to rhizoctonia: high,

  • to tuber blight: susceptible.

Medium early variety of potatoes, grown for processing to dry products (crisps, potato flour, starch). The tubers are roundly oval, with a thin, brightly yellow skin and shallow eyes. Flesh color is brightly yellow. It is necessary to create favorable growth conditions for potatoes of this variety, thus, humidity balance is obligatory. Tubers have fine storage characteristics and long dormancy period. Resistant to mechanical damages.  Resistant to mechanical damages. An optimal time Lady Claire can be stored at a temperature of 5°C.


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